Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

How to Prepare Your Roof for the Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is coming in roughly four to five months. Whether you’re in Salt Lake City or in other parts of the country, it’s time to check your roof if it’s ready for the season. Leaks can be avoided if you take the time to maintain your roof, especially the gutters. You have the option to do it yourself; however, experts from reputable residential roofing companies may be your best bet in ensuring that your roof is hurricane-ready.

If your roof starts showing tell-tale signs that there is an impending leak, don’t panic. There are measures you can take in order to stop the leak from spreading until professionals can come over and repair it.

Maintain a Clean Roof

Sounds simple enough, but maintaining the cleanliness of your roof especially during summertime to fall is key. Take the opportunity whenever the weather’s fair to eliminate any debris on your roof and in the gutters. Make sure to do this in the daytime to ensure your safety while you’re up there.

As much as possible, try to do this on a regular basis so it’s easier for you to get rid of any unnecessary materials. Failure to remove debris may cause blockage on your gutters and can eventually lead to a leak when it starts raining.

Check Your Roof Regularly for Signs of Leakage

Start by checking the inside of your home. If you start seeing some dark areas or spots where there’s sagging, it is possible that a leak is about to begin or it has occurred, just that it hasn’t been that bad yet. Remember, leaks will only get worse through time, so hoping it would fix itself won’t do the trick.

Check the exteriors if your gutters are starting to sag or have rusted through time. If your home is at least 15-years-old, chances are, you’re in for a roof repair. Make sure that bolts and nails are still in place, otherwise, it may be high time for you to enlist a contractor’s help if you have minimal knowledge in fixing your own roof. Look out for roof panels that are starting to peel off as well. There are ways you can patch these up yourself, but best to consult a professional for a full-proof fix instead.

Watch Out for Mold

If moss and mold begin to appear, again, don’t panic. There are mold removers available that you can easily spray on the affected area. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub off afterwards.

When the Roof Does Start to Leak

Sometimes, the inevitable just happens. First, contain the area where the leak is starting to pour. Cover any furniture you can’t move and put a bucket underneath to collect the water. Next, it’s advisable to poke a hole through the part where the water is getting heavy; this mitigates any chance of your entire roof to fall off.

When the rain stops, inspect the source of the leak. An effective contractor from a roofing company will look from both the inside and the outside to pinpoint the exact origin of the problem. If you wish to file for an insurance claim, always remember to take photos of the leak to make the process easier.

Part of maintaining your home is making sure your roof is in good shape, especially before the hurricane season starts. It’s better to keep your roof in check so that when the rain pours, you have one less thing to think about instead of rushing to catch water dripping from your ceiling.

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