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How To Protect Your Clothes From Clothes Moths

Clothes moths are a nightmare for your wardrobe and clothes. They can very much destroy your favourite attires overnight. If you don’t that to happen, you should get rid of them at once.

Clothes moths have good taste. They go for fathers, silk, and cotton. To save your clothes from these tiny attackers, you need to call for London pest services. They are trained people with the right solution and equipment to keep moths away.

Tips To Keep Clothes Moths Away

Here are some effective tips you can try to keep clothes moths away.

  • Deep Clean Your Wardrobe

Moths love to hide in undisturbed clothes that are warm and dark. This is why you should deep clean your wardrobe from time to time. Cleaning it once or twice a month is enough to keep these little buggers away. After you clean your wardrobe make sure that you wash all your clothes.

  • Keep Your Knitwear In Bags

You should store your knitwear in zip-lock bags and also line them with anti-moth paper strips. You can get anti-moth paper strips online. They are very cheap and effective.

  • Clean Your Clothes

Just so you know clothes moths love to feed on food particles and humans sweat. So if you store your clothes without washing them, you are inviting moths to ruin your clothes. This is why you should always clean your clothes thoroughly after wearing them. Also, don’t mix unwashed clothes with the washed ones.

  • Fill Your Home With Cedarwood

Moths hate cedarwood. You can get cedar wood hangers for your clothes. Other than that you can also use cedar oil to keep moths away. All you have to do is put the cedar oil in a spray bottle, dilute it with water, and then apply it in and around your wardrobe. You can also put it in a diffuser, so it can spread the scent. This is not only effective on clothes moths, but other insects will also get repelled by it.

  • Use A Sticky Trap

You can also use a sticky trap and cover it with moth pheromones. This will help you to attract moths and get them trapped on the surface. Once they get stuck, there’s no escaping and they will eventually die.

With the help of these tips, you should be able to save your clothes from moths attack. You can also call for pest control services.

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