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How to Turn Your Home into a Kid-Friendly Space

Children spend most of their time at home. It is where they eat, sleep, play, and rest after school and day care. With that in mind, it is extremely important that your home is a safe haven for the little ones. When you don’t child-proof your home, it can become a potentially hazardous place for the kids. 

Many people usually brush off the idea of making their homes kid-friendly. Some of them think that a kid-friendly environment is just a temporary setup and they won’t need it as soon as the kids get older. Other homeowners on the other hand find it too much of a hassle. Some also see it as an additional expense they can do without.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can transform your home into a kid-friendly one without breaking the bank. Architecture firms in Singapore recommend the following tricks to make your home kid-friendly without spending a fortune.

  1. Use non-toxic flooring

When you use non-toxic flooring, you’re not only allowing your children to play comfortably, you are also minimising their risk of getting injured significantly. 

There are many types of non-toxic flooring, the most popular of which is vinyl. Vinyl is not only durable and sturdy; it is also shock absorbent at the same time. Also, unlike other flooring options, vinyl can soften the impact of anything that hits it. 

This feature is very important for kids since they play on the floor most of the time. When you use vinyl, kids will not only be able to play with ease, you can also rest assured they are safe. 

  1. Opt for washable walls

Another way to make your home a kid-friendly space is by choosing washable walls. According to various architecture firms in Singapore, washable floors address a common predicament faced by parents of toddlers: unsolicited wall art.

Kids can be very crafty and artsy during their formative years. They exercise their creative outbursts on just about any surface they can find and in most cases, the walls end up as their first casualties. 

To address this, you can position a blackboard to a specific side of their bedrooms for them to have a dedicated graffiti wall. However, you cannot expect your kids to put their art on the blackboard at all times. 

To save you from the hassle, have the walls finished with materials that allow for ink to be washed off easily. Some paints already have this feature. In addition,  there are also other finishing solutions that can make the walls easier to clean (without the paint peeling off).

  1. Select fixed-cushion furniture

Most kids love to do physical and role-play games. Games of this type can often involve rearranging the furniture in the house just to bring their imaginations to life. While it can be fun and exciting for the little ones, pushing and rearranging furniture is not exactly a great (or safe) idea. Rearranging furniture will not only cause possible damage to the furniture pieces, it might also expose the kids to injury. 

To be safe, opt for a fixed-cushion furniture. Sure, they can be big and bulky but they’re definitely a safer option for those who have kids as they are too heavy for them to rearrange. In addition, fixed-cushion furniture is also very comfortable so kids will be enticed to play on them as well rather than move them around.

  1. Create closed storage

Lastly, a closed storage would be a good addition to any kid-friendly home. Closed storage can provide a room where they can keep their toys in one place so it’s not littered on the floor.  

Having a closed storage can also help you train your child to clean up after themselves after playing. A closed storage can also be a good place to store toys, books, and other items they often use. You can also utilise the vertical space at home by stacking up your storage bins so you’ll have additional floor space in your house. 

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