Sat. Dec 10th, 2022

Ideas to design the garden with pool

If you have a swimming pool at your home and want to build a modern garden around it, you should take into account this article where we will give you several ideas for it. You have to keep in mind that with the right materials and a good design of passages, you will have a garden with a dream pool. Some ideas that we want to show you are these:

– We can make a very interesting garden makeover with a pool surrounded by abundant vegetation, accompanied by the different paths made by a stone that can be grey or black. In this way, we will see those paths without problems.

– Regardless of the size of the pool, another possibility that arises in pandemic times is to use the grass next to your porch, leaving the pool aside. It is an easy design to carry out and that will help you to spend better all this time.

– The third idea that we tell you is to cover the part that is around the pool with different slabs, which are very good for the outside. They have a rough shape and anti-slip effect, to avoid any type of fall. Around all this, we can create a garden with grass and other types of plants. In this way, we will have an idyllic place to bathe and relax.

– Another possibility if you do not want to put tiles, is to put tiles around the pool, but something that you have to take into account is the anti-slip of the tile itself. The landscape design will be finished with the garden that you can put around to give you a more natural air.

– You can proceed to widen the perimeter of the pool with slabs to end up in a very fluffy grass, so if you go barefoot or fall you do no harm. Also and taking into account the time we have with confinement, we can include other natural elements such as some flowers and other types of plants.

– If that part of the pool, you also want to include certain garden furniture, you must leave a sufficient space of grass to fit everything you want to put, it may be a hole smaller or less or not.

– If what you want is a garden with all its elements and quite modern, you can include the pool in the middle, that pool will be of the dimensions that we consider appropriate, to leave space around for our seats. On the sides we add the theme of vegetation that can give us the feeling of being in a jungle quietly, and also gives us a little privacy in front of our neighbours.

Therefore, during this pandemic, you have some ideas so that you can have a garden to your liking and that suits your needs including your pool.

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