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Interesting Kitchen Ideas you Must Discuss With Your Renovation Firm

Professionals matter the most when it’s renovation we are talking about. But, it’s always a good idea to have discussions with the designers so that:

  • The renovation cost doesn’t overshoot.
  • The kitchen looks exactly like you want it to be.

Some such handy discussions that you can have at your next meet-up are listed below. Read through to learn more.

  1. Discuss the Lights

Yes, it isn’t just the floor and furniture that matters when it comes to kitchen renovation. Experts at remodeling and renovation firms like KSI cuisine swear by the fact that proper lighting can cut down the entire renovation cost by half. This becomes much more important if:

  • Your kitchen doesn’t get enough sunlight.
  • Your kitchen is small.
  • Your kitchen has a connected dining room.

Incorporating proper LED lights, wall sconces, and chandeliers are the best options in such cases.

  • Bright LED lights will create an illusion of bigger and brighter space. It’s good for small kitchens.
  • Wall sconces and chandeliers are perfect inclusions for extended kitchens. That’s because these lights create a stunning contrast with the dark furniture in the dining room. It gives the entire kitchen a cozy rustic touch.
  1. Discuss the Kitchen Style

This one is a point of total discussion since the entire concept of renovation revolves around it. Convey the kind of style you want:

  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Mediterranean
  • Cottage-style
  • Traditional

Based upon these styles, the designers can suggest some cost-cutting techniques like:

  • White washing the kitchens so that it naturally creates a modern look. This will require minimal furniture replacement and save surplus money.
  • Adding more drawers to the existing cabinets is one way of saving money, provided your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, can be remodeled, and are flexible and strong.
  1. Discuss Your Expectations

It’s necessary that you set your expectations right. It’s true that elite designers at firms like KSI can work magic and reduce the cost, but it’s also true that fancy additions mean more money. So, discuss what your needs are so that the designers can focus on them. Convey:

  • Whether you want new light fixtures that are compatible with modern appliances that are shock resistant and consume less power.
  • Whether you are fine with plain edged cabinets or you want them to have stylish carvings.
  • Whether it’s real wood that you prefer.
  • Whether you would like a pantry cabinet, a base cabinet, or a wall cabinet.

That said, discussing all such things will ensure that you don’t end up disappointed with how your kitchen will look after renovation.

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