Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Internet Of Things And Heating

The internet of things allows the instant communication of information between ‘things’ and devices that are connected to the internet.

Our mobile phones, tablets, computers etc can be allowed to communicate their location to other ‘things’ such as the device which controls our heating and other items we have set up in the home.

It is now easier more than ever to automate daily tasks using the internet and our devices, such as mobile phones, tablets etc.  These are all linked together.

Location Tracking

Location tracking on your mobile phone can be linked to your smart home hub and as you get closer to your home your thermostat will turn your heating up for you.  Your lights may switch on, your coffee machine will startup so it will all be ready for your arrival. This is all great for a busy working person that loves their technology and loves the convenience too.

Andy from HomeGlow Gas Services said “You can reduce your gas or electricity bills using this system.  You will only be using the energy you need to.  The thermostat can set the indoor temperature drop while you are out of the home but when you are in it then it will automatically adjust to a more comfortable temperature for you.”  The same with your lights they can be set up automatically to adjust and turn off when you are not in a room.  This is especially good if you are someone who forgets to turn them off.


A connected home involves the control of devices or appliances in your home with some kind of remote control.  This would be your mobile phone or tablet or your computer.  Smart lightbulbs that can connect to an app on your phone or tablet means that you can switch off your lights at home using your phone.

It’s Convenient

The main benefit of investing money and your time into creating this kind of home is mainly convenience.  Controlling everything through your phone or tablet etc means you can easily see everything that is happening.  You will not need to worry about adjusting your thermostat or whether you have forgotten to turn off the lights as it will all be done automatically or with the simple check on your phone.

Save Money

Saving money on the amount of electricity and gas you will use in your home is a great benefit of this type of system.  It will improve the energy efficiency of your home too.  All of the automated tasks that can be performed by your smart device can combine to reduce the strain on natural resources.

Great Solution For People With Disabilities

Smart homes are particularly beneficial to people that are elderly or disabled.  By using a tablet, mobile phone, computer etc to control devices or even using a voice-activated system, you would not need to move around so much.  You can control the heating, lights, locks, thermostat etc.  This would be hugely beneficial to someone with limited mobility.

What You Need

All you need to start a smart home is a WIFI connection, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer etc and as many of the systems as you require.  It is an investment for the future.

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