Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

  Modern Times, Modern Measures: 7 Tips for Your Modern Bathroom Decor

The modern times of today might make one crave for a modern bathroom. Well, there is nothing wrong in it. But the question is how to go about it? With a large range of options available in the market, getting confused is nothing unusual. But if you have a clear idea about your bathroom space, you can effectively renovate your bathroom. After all, a bathroom should not just be stylish but also functional for utilizing the space effectively; and this why we are here to help you.

Be it large or small, a perfect bathroom is one that provides ample space and yet is able to provide all-around utility. However, the design also plays an important role in upholding your bathroom décor. Since it won’t just be used by you but your guests as well, it is important to give it a touch that reflects your personality in the most perfect manner. No matter whether you want to give your bathroom a modern look or vintage, there are various additions like discount bathroom vanities, mirrors, and tiled flooring and others, which will provide you just the look you desire.

Here are 7 ways in which you can add to your modern bathroom renovation effectively:


  • Vanity cabinets: If you are inclined towards giving your bathroom a perfect modern décor, one of the best options is to opt for discount bathroom vanities. Their large variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes along with affordable prices make them a perfect addition to your modern bathroom, both in terms of function and fashion. A good option would be to go for a contrasting shade of white and black. For example, black vanities will go perfectly well with white bathroom walls and vice versa.



  • Vessel Sinks: These sinks stand on top of your bathroom countertop rather than the usual under-mount nature. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be a great addition to your modern bathroom décor. Their versatile finishes including glass and tile make them a perfect complement to your discount bathroom vanities. They are also easier to clean.



  • Chrome Hardware: Another embellishment to add to your bathroom décor is chrome bathroom hardware. The smooth and sharp nature and the polished quality make chrome a perfect modern material. Try opting for robe hooks and towel bars with chrome finish. Another way is to attach chrome knobs and pulls to your discount bathroom vanities. All this will give a modern vibe to your bathroom.



  • Mirrors: Mirrors also play an important role in reflecting a modern décor. Opt for a square-shaped frame mirror with sharp finish. It not only adds to your bathroom design but also makes your bathroom appear more spacious. Choose a color that complements your discount bathroom vanities and the walls.



  •  Shower Stall: These can greatly enhance your modern bathroom looks. Get your hand on one of these and give your bathroom a perfect modern appeal. 



  • Floating bathtub: These bathtubs are elevated on stands and provide the illusion of more space. Opt for a rectangular bathtub which will further add to the modern look due to its sharp finish.



  • Lighting: Lighting plays a very important role in your bathroom and can easily add to your modern bathroom décor. Opt for geometric shapes like circles and square-shaped lights with sharp finishes. Opt for colors that complement your bathroom décor.


Giving your bathroom a modern outlook is a great decision. Opting for discount cabinets let you remodel your bathroom in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, their large variety, strong durability and functionality make the decision of opting for them more fruitful. Keeping the 3 above points in mind will help you in giving your bathroom a perfect modern design without compromising its space.


The blog talks about the effectiveness of modern bathroom décor. It shows 7 ways in which we can make our bathroom more modern, without compromising on space and usage.


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