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The Best Way To Choose a Trustworthy Moving Company

Every year the relocation services sector is becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, as demand grows, the level of dissatisfaction with moving companies also increases. Not all movers do their job honestly, so very often conflicts cannot be avoided. And here a logical question arises: how to choose a trusted transportation company when there are so many of them? The TopMovers website will provide you with complete information for the selection of the necessary moving company.

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Do Your Own Analysis

Before starting a detailed search on the Internet, you should contact your friends and acquaintances. Find out if they have ever used a moving company. And if the answer is yes, then find out more about the movers that your friends hired. Only after that, having several companies in your list, you can start looking for information about them on the Internet.

Use The Golden Rule Of Three

Never choose the first company you come across, as this is tantamount to playing roulette. Choose at least three companies that suit your needs and also have a good reputation among their customers. Ask each of these companies for the personal estimate of moving works. It will help you analyze prices.

Watch out for dangerous signals

What is it? For example, reputable companies will never ask for a deposit before starting work. If you hear about payment in advance, hang up immediately. Perhaps this is an illegal business and this moving company is just trying to make easy money.

A rented truck is also a bad sign. As a rule, professional movers always have their own equipment. If you see that the company’s employees look insecure and cannot provide answers to seemingly standard questions, you may also need to look for another transportation company.

Always check licenses

There are many websites where you can easily check licenses and DOT numbers by entering the company name into the search box. Never be afraid to demand documents from a moving company, as you have every right to do so. It is acceptable to be a little suspicious, especially when it comes to transporting your property.


These are not just three repeating letters, but a salvation for those who are about to move. The Better Business Bureau will help you select a company with good accreditation and reviews. You can do it online and for free.

Professional Accreditation

Do not be too lazy to look for the availability of the moving company ProMover logo. This accreditation is not given to every company and it is one of the highest indications of the movers’ reliability. You can check for the ProMover logo using the website.

Check The Address

Movers that do not have an address should already arouse suspicion and distrust. Try to check the availability of the address using the Internet (on the website of the moving company) or in the phonebook. But do not neglect this small, but no less important advice.

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