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Things To Check About Your Pool Builder

Turning your dream into a reality is a delicate matter. If you aren’t careful, then you might end up with something that is far from your vision. For example, the swimming pool in your backyard may look far from what you envisioned due to misunderstandings with the contractor. Few people will be able to do this project by themselves since it requires a lot of labor and expertise. You have to rely on pros that you can trust. When looking for a pool builder, make sure that you check the following or take this shortcut and go to

Structural Warranty

Pools can cost a fortune. You want to make every penny count. Poorly built structures may look good initially but they will soon give you more headaches than smiles. Repairs are expensive so it’s best to do it right the first time. While it may be difficult to know for certain what might happen in the future, you can get a boost of confidence from your pool builder’s warranty offer. How long does this warranty cover? 10 years? 20 years? A lifetime? What does it include and what does it exclude? Ask questions for clarity.

Years in Industry

They say that time is the ultimate truth teller. This certainly applies to businesses. It is hard to fake it since your results will eventually affect the operations. Only those that are well-managed and highly competent will last. Others will fall by the wayside. That is why the number of years in the industry is a good indicator of builder excellence. Deal only with companies that have demonstrated their competence for decades. If you are to take a chance on new companies, then see whether their top brass have the necessary experience from previous jobs.

Awards and Recognitions

The industry has its own means of regulating itself and rewarding the best performers. For example, certain organizations and media outlets make it a point to give out annual awards to the best pool builders. These should give you an idea about who the leading names are around the country, and even around the world. There might be local picks as well so you can determine who to go to in your area. You may also check the online reviews and complaints from reputable sites such as the BBB.

Free Estimate

The best builders will not hesitate to send out their staff onsite and conduct an inspection. They should provide a free estimate that is not attached to any obligation. Ask several contractors to drop by and see the site. Tell them about your vision and get their inputs on feasibility. Perhaps they could share ideas that would work well given the existing layout. They might also propose solutions to any challenges that they encounter after the ocular inspection.

Design Portfolio

Every person has a different sense of what is beautiful and what is not. Some would like their pool to be simple yet elegant. Others want a large pool with different sections, poolside landscaping, fountains, sculptures, slides, and other features. You need to find a builder that has already demonstrated the ability to create the kind of look that you are aiming for. Browse their design portfolio to see if anything pops out. You will know that it’s the one when you see it.

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