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Things to consider while choosing the glass for the shower screen

Bath spaces are one of the most important in home design. These spaces give you plenty of opportunities to experiment and show off the luxury and aristocracy in your design. However, these spaces also demand a lot of practical thinking. One of the major components of bathrooms is the bath spaces which are often highlighted using different kinds of shower screens. The shower screen not only highlights your bath spaces but adds great character to the entire bathroom. These are among the basic features of the home that would create an impression on your guests which is why you should look for premium shower screens to boost the appeal of your bathroom. Even if you understand the importance of choosing the right shower screen, it is often not easy to the best. Here are some points you should consider before you narrow down to your shower screen choice and make an investment.


  • Versatile and attractive


Shower screens are available in several designs and patterns like slide doors, double fold, triple fold, pivotal, etc. Each style has its merits and demerits. Some are suitable for larger spaces with plenty of room while others can make even a small space look great. You can choose the style that fits in best for your bath space. You should consider both the functional and aesthetic aspects. Find the one that fits in the space you have and still leave room for easy movement. At the same time, it should make the bath attractive and relaxing.


  • Look for shatterproof material


If you are living with your family and your family includes children, safety becomes the highest priority while choosing a shower screen glass. Children are full of energy which also makes them prone to accidents. You should choose a shower screen glass that can withstand these rough encounters. The shatterproof glasses are a great choice for safety. These glasses are tough and do not break and splinter easily. You can allow your children to use the bath without much supervision and stay free form worries.


  • Consider usage and maintenance


In the present day and age, the toughest thing to find is time. Most often, people find it hard to complete their essential tasks in time, let alone cleaning and maintenance. By choosing a glass that is tough and easy to clean, you would save plenty of time and effort. You can find glasses that stain-proof and scratch proof and can be cleaned with a single wipe with a wet rug.


  • Thickness and type matters


Another factor that influences your choice is the thickness of the glass. The ideal thickness of the glass for a shower screen is 10 mm. A thinner would make it fragile and thicker would make it bulky and heavy to use. Considering the type of glass, you can choose from clear glass, low-iron glass, or acid-etched glass. The clear and low-iron glasses are regular glasses giving a green see-through tint with low-iron being lighter in shade and more expensive. Acid-etched glasses provide a frosted look to the glass.


  • The trade-off between frosted and clear glasses


Frosted and clear glasses are easily distinguishable. However, the choice is often difficult. While making a decision, consider the look as well as the lighting of your bath space. The clear glass would save a lot of energy costs by allowing plenty of light in. On the other hand, frosted glasses may provide an extra oomph to the bath space.

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