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Tips for Preventing Pests in Fall

While the summer season is infamous for house pests, you should not let your guard down as the season changes. Just because the brutal heat of the hot months dies down does not mean the insects die with them too. The belief that pests disappear as the temperature drops is a common misconception. 

All fall starts, and the weather becomes cooler, pests start looking for warmer places to live in and breed. To make sure they do not make your house their next destination, you must get your house inspected and treated by pest control in Schertz, TX

Tips for preventing pests in the fall

  1. Keep your house clean. 

Cleaning your house regularly and maintaining hygiene will keep pests away. Make sure you wipe the countertops, vacuum the floors, and dispose of the garbage properly to ensure that there are no food crumbs to attract pests. Try not to leave any dishes dirty overnight as well. 

  1. Look out for moisture. 

As you may already know, most pests are attracted to moisture. The reason why many pests make their nests in the basements, attics, and crawl spaces of your house is because they are the darkest and dampest areas. Therefore, you must check your house for any water leakage and take the necessary steps to keep the moisture out. 

  1. Seal cracks and crevices.

Bugs and rodents do not require a wide-open door or window to come in. They can slip in even through the smallest holes and gaps. Make sure you inspect your house for openings of all shapes and sizes and seal them before the pests get a chance to get in. 

  1. Declutter.

Bugs and pests love clutter as they provide them with the shelter they need. Along with cleaning, it is also essential to invest time in organizing. Look out for stacks of paper, cardboard boxes, piles of clothes, and similar things. Try replacing your cardboard boxes with sealed plastic bins to prevent the entry of bugs easily. 

  1. Add screens to vents. 

When looking for cracks, holes, and gaps in the house, do not overlook obvious ones, namely dog doors, dryer vents, and chimneys. Pests can march right in through these openings. Since these openings cannot be sealed, you can use screens to allow ventilation and keep pests out at the same time. 

  1. Keep garbage bins closed. 

Keep in mind that your garbage bins are a feast for bugs and rodents. They are practically an invitation for pests to enter your house. Make sure you seal garbage bags to avoid rummaging. 

Fall is a cozy time, and you should only spend it with your family, not cockroaches and rats. Investing in finding a good pest control service and hiring them to clean your house can prevent infestations and diseases. 

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