Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Top Signs You Need to Start Filtering Your Home’s Water

Your water line should provide safe drinking water. But how safe is your water supply? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sets regulations for over 90 contaminants. These include chemicals, heavy metals, and bacteria that can be found in drinking water.

The kitchen faucet water filter removes contaminants and results in better tasting, cleaner drinking water. This is a brief overview of the environmental conditions and signs you should look for when purchasing a sink water filtration system for your home’s water supply.

Tap Water Tastes or Smells Awful

To determine the water’s quality, first, use your senses. Your water’s appearance, taste, smell, and feel can all tell you if your water is high in chemicals or pollutants. However, this is not true for all tap water. There are also harmful chemicals that cannot be sensed alone.

House Built Before 1987

To determine the water quality, second, consider the surrounding environment. Leaky plumbing systems and lead pipes are all indicators that a kitchen water filter is needed. All of these can lead to contaminated drinking water, as contaminants are leaked into the water supply. Older homes and cities built before 1986 are more likely to have lead pipes, faucets, and soldering. This can lower your chances of getting pure water instantly.

Tap Water Leaves Stains on Your Clothes

Third, evaluate the changes in your clothes and dishes after washing them. Your clothes can be stained by certain chemicals found in your water. Sometimes, the water may appear cloudy or light-colored. Clothing can be stained by metals such as iron, copper, or manganese.

The House Was Constructed on a Water Well

Fourth, be extra cautious if your home is built on a well. The majority of people get their water from the city’s water utility. The water is tested according to EPA regulations, and any additional standards established by your municipality. Millions of people depend on private wells for their water supply. Well owners are required to test their water for contaminants, bacteria, nitrates, and pH variations every year.

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