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Wool Rugs or Carpets

What Are the Tips to Store Wool Rugs or Carpets?

Wool rugs or carpets look beautiful on the floor. Thus, it gives an elegant look to your home. But they are difficult to maintain or preserve with integrity. Also, when you store the wool rugs, their shape and color change with the passing time. Other than this, in the case of a pure silk rug, one must ensure high carpet maintenance. This is because silk eventually loses or is shed after some time. It also accumulates a large number of insects with that passing time.

Moreover, if you want to store the wool rugs without getting their beauty to suffer, you must continue reading this guide. Here, you will know how to effectively preserve the wool rugs’ integrity. So, you may follow the below-listed steps or tips to protect your wool rugs or silk carpets.

Tips To Store Wool Rugs Or Carpets

  1. Clean Properly

In this step or tip, it is very clear that before you store the wool rugs, don’t forget to clean them properly. Either wash it or vacuum it, but make sure all the dust is removed. Also, while you are cleaning with a vacuum, be careful to destroy the wool quality.

  1. Store In A Place Where No Insects Comes

If you are looking to store your wool rug, then make sure to keep it in a place where no insects are coming. Otherwise, it will ruin the wool rug’s quality and make the carpet dusty. Else, you can also apply a mosquito repellent specifically made for fabrics.

  1. Roll The Wool Rug

This is to remember not to fold the wool rug ever. It can lead to creases, and sometimes it also damages the wool quality. In that case, you can either roll the wool rug tightly just like a cylinder.

  1. Wrap A Protective Fabric

Once the wool rug is rolled properly, you may wrap around a protective fabric. It will help in protecting it from getting dusty. Also, it will take away all the insects or mosquitos. However, don’t be afraid if you think it will damage the wool fabric. But it will not destroy the quality of the wool rugs.

Conclusion To conclude, if you are looking to store your wool rug, make sure you have an appropriate space in your home & all the information related to the wool rug. This is important because carpets must be stored where dust or insects cannot come.

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