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 What Will It Cost to Install a Split System Air Conditioner 

A split air conditioning system gives you a potentially more economical option that can still keep your house comfortable on even the hottest days.

These kinds of systems differ from a ducted system or use of window units, though they contain aspects of both. A split system unit connects a condenser located outdoors with indoor outlet units.  Pipes connect the two system components.

Replacing your current setup with a split system can be easily done by a professional.

Remove Units in Place

First, the technician will remove your current mode of air conditioning, especially components that will interfere with the new system. 

If you already have an older split system that requires replacement, the technician will try to use the holes already in place. Otherwise, he or she may need to create openings in walls and floors to accommodate the system.

Install New Units

Once the technician has identified or created openings for the system components, he or she can commence work inside. You will have to work with the technician to determine the best location for the needed wall mounts that hold the units in place in each room.

Install Outdoor Condenser

If not already available, the technician will have to have a concrete pad constructed to support the outdoor condenser unit. This gives the unit a solid and secure foundation that prevents groundwater or dirt from fouling it.

Rubber pads and bolting secures and stabilises the unit to ensure smooth and proper function.

Wrapping It Up

Finally, the technician will vacuum air and humidity from the system, check for any leaks in the pipes or hoses, then turn the unit on to conduct quality testing. Once you and the technician are satisfied that it functions properly, the crew will thoroughly clean their mess from the job site. 

Cost of a Split System

Like any air conditioning installation, the cost of a split system depends on a number of factors, including, but not limited to the following:

  •         Size of the house
  •         Type of unit needed
  •         Whether or not the technician could use previous split system infrastructure
  •         Unforeseen problems in the property that required additional labour

Generally, a split system installation may run between $1,000 and $5,000, considering all potential costs.

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