Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Why A Home Security System Is A Must

People sometimes assume that burglaries and similar crimes will not affect them. Maine and New Hampshire residents experience crimes that occur in and around the home, just like residents of other states.

Seacoast Security recognizes the potential threat to residents and provides home security system options.

Home security systems decrease crime

The Maine Department of Public Safety indicates that in 2017, property crimes accounted for 92.7 percent of all reported crimes. There were 20,194 property crimes committed in New Hampshire in 2016, and an increase in violent crimes.

When individuals have a video surveillance system or other home security system, those security measures are a proven deterrent to home burglaries and proven means of limiting losses. Reader’s Digest asked an FBI agent about ways to protect a home.

Contributor Lisa Marie Conklin revealed that a 27-year veteran of the FBI indicated that home security systems are more affordable and easier to use than in the past and work to deter burglars.

When families opt for a video security system, today’s systems provide improved facial recognition than older video security systems.

Experience peace of mind

Home security systems provide a sense of peace of mind for residents.

Whether you are at home, on the road, on vacation, or simply at work or on a shopping trip, security systems provide the peace of mind that your family and belongings are secure.

Promote home automation for added security

Today’s ‘Smart’ security system options provide added sense of security with options that include light controls, remote control or Smartphone app operation, remote monitoring, and other features.

Ask your Seacoast Security representative about ideal options for your home.

Increase Value of your home

Home security systems improve the value of your home.

Choose a professionally installed video security system to value to your property. These systems have broad appeal if you decide to sell your home.

Add home security systems and consider a video surveillance system to provide peace of mind, increased home security and safety, and increased home value.

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