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Dealing with Mold to Prevent More Growth

Professional mold removal is important in many situations. A lot of homeowners prefer to deal with a mold issue when they are ready to sell their homes. But, inspections are often required to ensure the home is suitable for living. That is attacking the problem should be done before the last minute. 

You might be living in your home for years without knowing it has a mold problem. Some family members may keep suffering from asthma and other respiratory issues before you realize that s something is wrong. That’s why you must have mold removal experts look at your home occasionally.

How Mold Develops

 Mold needs water to grow. It also needs food, oxygen, and a temperature between 40 degrees F and 100 degrees F. Because mold decomposes dead organic material, it can grow on wood and other materials made from wood. Mold releases digestive fluids which decompose the substrate to make nutrients available. Also, it can digest some synthetic materials like pastes, paints, and adhesives. 

How It Spreads

Mold grows by extension of hyphae, which are like tiny root hairs. Also, it can make spores that can survive extreme conditions. When mold releases spores, the latter can be carried by water or air to new locations. They become a problem when mold finds its way into your home’s moist area, eating into everything in its path. You may not realize you have mold until it has seriously damaged your property. It is necessary to realize that mold spores can be in both indoor air and outside air unless you take special precautions to remove or kill them. 

Mold often hides behind wallpaper and under floor tiles. Also, it can grow in wooden furniture. In fact, even your valuable items are not safe from molds when they are exposed to a moist environment. In case you notice some signs of mold development, contact Renovco contracters right away. Do not wait until the problem has progressed into an unmanageable issue. 

Health Issues that Mold can Cause

It is definitely a no-no to have mold at home especially if a family member has asthma as it can cause painful asthma attacks. Also, mold can result in harsh allergic reactions. Mold can cause itchy skin, red eyes, and rashes, and other health issues. Moreover, mold has toxic substances called mycotoxins. Molds that have these substances grow in food like cereals, nuts, spices, and dried fruits. 

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