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Tips for packing huge products during a move

When a lot of people imagine regarding shifting of your household belongings, they commonly see muscular dark men trying to carry and shift the wardrobes, beds, desks, couches, sofas, bookcases, freezers, refrigerators, washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, etc. 

Since there are such massive goods in almost all homes, this typical image is not far from the exact reality. It’s likely better when you leave such awkwardly shaped, oversized objects for expert relocation service providers who provide movers like Packers and Movers Ahmedabad

They not only execute this problematic task quickly; they even have lots of shifting experience, and they know how to manage them. They also provide insurance for all your belongings. When your budget is low and you cannot afford to receive the assistance of movers, below are some excellent ideas on how to pack and shift bulky household products by yourself. It’s good to say that all successful relocation experience begins with smart planning.

Use adequate packing supplies

Packing materials are created for two significant intentions offering protection to products being relocated and make them simpler to lift around and organize them in moving vehicles. Hence, the proper relocation boxes could assist you in preparing safety for your huge goods and stopping injuries or accidents while your relocation tasks. You have to ensure that you employ the proper packing supplies.

Thicker enclosing

The thicker the covering, lower the risk for damage to your floor and your other goods, suppose a big item is dropped when being lifted. Thicker enclosing would even deliver excellent protection when your things dash against each other while relocation. Hence, ensure that you have many moving blankets, bubble wraps, foam padding, and similar packing supplies.

Firmer boxes

Purchase some heavy-duty moving boxes and double-ply cardboard boxes that would be stiff enough to carry the weight of your significant products. Even regarding getting specially prepared boxes for your more fragile and massive precious households. It may also be a better idea to purchase or rent plastic crates instead of boxes made of cardboard. Employing wooden crates is the right choice for your large artwork and other oddly shaped large goods.

Harder cushioning

Crumpled paper is not enough if you require to cushion large goods in a shifting box, it would compress below the weight of the products flat, and it would not offer enough protection. You have to employ big sized bubble wraps, foam padding, packing peanuts, or a folded cardboard.

Standard quality packing tape

Thin masking tape would not hold products that are too huge, so you require high-quality packing tape while packing large goods, to have the wrapping in place, and to make the boxes stronger. 

Arrange your moving boxes

It is impossible to pack all your huge household products in moving boxes, but those could be well protected when you take time to create the relocation boxes properly. Make sure that:

  • You employ small moving boxes to pack great products as huge boxes would weigh more when they are filled with big items. It would be harder to lift, carry, and sometimes it may break by their weight easily.
  • You should reinforce the shifting boxes with high-quality packing tapes to minimize the risk from falling away if being taken during the relocation
  • Line up the bottom of the boxes with big sized bubble wraps, corrugated cardboards, or packing peanuts for added protection and security.

Organize your huge households

Various kinds of goods need a different plan, but, usually, you are suggested to follow the below steps:

  • Empty and clean the goods. Start by removing the detachable parts from huge products and pack them individually for excellent protection. You may need to dismantle furniture parts and some of your home equipment and appliances.
  • Provide added protection to the many critical pieces of your goods with glass or protruding elements. Employ packing paper, foam sheets, bubble wrap, or other related materials to ensure that they are secured.
  • Have special attention to your delicate, bulky goods and cover them individually in more layers of proper protective supplies to keep them secured during the relocation with help of AssureShift.

Pack big goods by following the right process

As your moving boxes and excellent products are organized in the proper method, it would not be so hard to pack the large goods for shifting. Look at the following points below.

  • Select an adequately padded, sturdy box that is a little bigger than the products you are going to pack.
  • Keep the products inside so that some space is left between them and the sides of the relocation box.
  • Employ packing peanuts, pieces of cardboard, foam sheets, or big sized bubble wraps to fill up the empty room in the relocation box. When you keep more than one item in a box, verify that there is a lot of cushioning between the products. It is much essential to protect goods inside the moving box.
  • Fill up all extra room at the top of the box with cushioning supplies. The relocation boxes should have a durable lid once closed. They might cave in if stacked one on top of another in the shifting vehicle. Never forget to check the top before taping the box when it appears like it might provide away if you put pressure on it. Reopen it and add some cushioning supplies inside.
  • Seal the shifting box and keep it in another box, which is several times bigger than already packed one. Keep some cardboard parts or other padding supplies between the two boxes. Tape the next box and then close and protect it actively.
  • Label the boxes with their products and assure them to write ‘HEAVY’ or ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’ on the boxes, as the packers know that they require to be alert when lifting those boxes. Never forget to mark the boxes having delicate products as ‘THIS SIDE UP’ or ‘FRAGILE.’

Thus, the best method to pack your large goods, in general, is to learn regarding the particulars of packing various kinds of huge products.


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