Fri. Jan 27th, 2023

Men painting the wall blue using rollers in empty home interior

     Why You Need To Transform Your Home’s Exterior!

Marin County, a sizable peninsula facing south that sits directly over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, is an excellent place to own a house. The benefits of relocating and building a new home in this county are numerous, and the list keeps growing the more you learn about its complex way of life. 

Moreover, suppose you have already purchased a house in this region. In that case, you must know that giving your property a new outside paint job is like providing it with a new persona, and painting the external walls of your house is a great investment. 

Marin painting services charge between $2.00 and $4.90 per sqft for the exterior of the homes. Several upgrades raise the home’s value. However, a new coat of paint for the house could appear like a pointless or cosmetic addition when considering the alternatives. But, painting the exterior of a home has some significant logistical advantages.

Start by acknowledging these seven advantages of exterior wall painting if one is thinking about upgrading their home.


  • Mental calm:

A fresh coat has a lot of physical and mental benefits. You won’t have to worry about the exterior of your home for several years after the work is expertly done. The wetness and mildew in your home, which may lead to significant health problems like allergies and asthma, won’t be a concern for you. 


  • Enhanced curb appeal:

The property’s visual value extends beyond the homeowner’s enjoyment; if one plans to sell, outside painting may significantly improve curb appeal. Although connected to both personal appeal and house value, curb appeal is entirely separate from both; instead, it focuses on creating the proper atmosphere when a potential buyer first views the home. Consider it as having your “foot in the door” for a prospective sale; if people find the outside appealing, they are much more inclined to inquire inside and have a higher probability of making a purchase.


  • Actively identifying insect damage:

Speaking of pests, termite infestation is a significant cause of house destruction for wood-based structures; being able to recognize this issue (and manage it) early on is essential if one wishes to avoid needing to make exorbitant fundamental repairs. Before applying a fresh coat of paint, a thorough inspection of the home’s siding is conducted. This helps find any potential bug damage early on, and using the color alone can help halt a pest problem in its course.


  • Realistic expenses:

The least expensive makeover you can make to your home is painting the exterior, but it will undoubtedly add the most value. The best paint and true experts that deliver top-notch services can ensure the durability and uniformity of their job. 

Marin’s home painting market

Based on the size of the home, Marin painting the outside costs between $2,100 and $24,600. This range’s lower end corresponds to smaller residences (under 2,500 square feet), while its upper end corresponds to bigger homes (over 2,500-sqft).


There are numerous things to be considered when deciding to paint the outside of a home. It involves more than selecting a color and putting it on the side. When choosing a painter to paint your house, experience is essential. Choose a contractor that has been in the industry long enough to establish a solid reputation, as they can assure the uniformity and durability of the job.


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